Johnathan’s Canelo v GGG Takes

Now that Canelo/Triple GGG is in the books, I feel like I don’t even have to write a blog on it, just refer to my pre-fight prediction and you pretty much have the fight in a nutshell.

First off, in regards to the fight I want to say, that I’m totally fine with the decision, and furthermore, all the judges scoring. Here’s what I scored the fight: 116-112. 8 rounds to 4, in favor of GGG. I could say i feel wholeheartedly that Canelo won the 2nd round and that’s it, everything else could have gone either way even the 12th. Canelo had a cute flurry in the beginning of the 11th and 12th but that was nullified both times by a (according to RJJ) “NINE” punch combo by GGG later in the 11th, and again in the 12th later in the round.

Canelo looked gassed after his flurry and Golovokin capitalized, but very unclear on who

actually won the rounds, could have gone either way, and that was most of the fight. Look, this is boxing, and unless you can prove you won without a shadow of a doubt, then the fight can go either way, sometimes 118-110 the other way! And I’m ok with that. Boxing is boxing, there is always controversy, especially when it’s 2 titans of the sport squaring off. If they are that good then it should be close! It bothers me that Canelo fights always tend to be closer then they actually should be, and that’s all the time regardless of who he’s facing, this fight wasn’t any different.

Look, is there opportunity for corruption? Come on, lets be real, it happens everywhere, in every sport, in everyday life. I’m going a step further and say this; it’s less so in boxing!! What, one judge was paid off or manipulated?!?! How stupid is that! Get real. She scored what she saw round by round with no regard of what the backlash would be, so kudos to that! That’s why its not easy in boxing to become “Undisputed” champion, everything in boxing is disputable, quirky scoring happens often enough, so becoming undisputed is a pretty magical thing.

Try (just for a second if you can) to look at it in this context. GGG just got a draw in a war with a great boxer, didn’t knock him out, didn’t knock him down, missed a lot of shots, took a lot of shoots and only landed more total punches because he threw the jab more effectively. GGG is still undisputed champion of the world and can retire if he wants to that way. I think at the end of it all Triple G is the winner without having to to clearly win the fight, a draw was more in his favor than it was in Canelo’s, so, I’d say he got a very favorable shake. That being said, I’m totally fine with the draw, and would have been fine even with a GGG SD.
Boxing is unique in the fact that the sequel is always better than the original, and if you don’t believe that this fight deserves a part 2 then we are on much further wave lengths then even I and Adalaide Byrd are on.



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