Johnathan’s Favorite 5 Boxers, All-Time

So Don had the great idea of sharing who our favorite boxers are of all-time. So here it is, Johnathan’s Fav 5! Before we get started, let me just say these are my 5 favorite boxers! Not who i think the best boxers are, so before you start screaming “Ali is the greatest”, don’t. But then again, Ali wouldn’t even be on my top 5 greatest boxers list either. There are so many boxers that i really admire, but let’s try this anyways.

Here we go!

#5 Sugar Ray. Which Sugar Ray, well, both were amazing in their own right, Robinson fought in every division there is in boxing and fought like 400 times, only losing very few of them. He was a iron man when it comes to boxing and he was dope! But I’m talking about Leonard. Sugar was strong, fast and elusive. He fought goliaths of the sport and won. I also put Sugar in here to pay homage to Roberto Duran, Duran to me was better, and I hate what happened to him after the second fight with Leonard because he was so much better than Ray was at the time, but it is what it is, and personally I think it made ray a better fighter. SRL went on to do some pretty amazing things in the sport and for the sport, Leonard is a very good mouthpiece for boxing even today, and that’s why he’s in my top five and Duran, I love Duran and always will maybe in another top 5, Duran would be in instead.

#4 Roy Jones Jr. I’m not going to speak much on RJJ, but he’s always been a personal favorite. He’s a champion in almost every weight class and i used to watch him when I was just a little kid, I’m 30 now and he’s still a champion.. in some weight class somewhere… that’s gotta count for something, I guess.

#3 Bobby Foster. Foster is a dear name to me because of my father and because of what he means to Albuquerque, NM. He fought all the greats and was just as great, he fought in multiple weight classes and is really the only guy on the planet that could say “anybody, anywhere, anytime,” and would have followed through with it. Not only was he not afraid of anybody, he was the nicest guy you can meet. Thank you Bob for all the great things you did in and out of the ring, chapeau!

#2 Erik Morales. What a warrior! His fights with Marco Antonio Barraras should go down as the greatest fights in boxing history. This guy was just the best, he fought everybody and he FOUGHT… brutal slugfests. I literally broke out the popcorn before every one of Erik’s fights because I knew it would be a show!

#1 “Fighting out of the blue corner representing Laaaaaa Raaaaaaaza, Big Bear, Califooooornia, the Goooolden Boooy! Oscar de la Hooooooooya!” I met Oscar here in Albuquerque at the Sunport airport and his “people” had him moving in a hurry, but (and here’s another my dad bit) noticed him and asked for his autograph and wanted to shoot the breeze a bit, so when his people told him “we need to move, Oscar” he shot some of that homeboy flare back and said “I’m talking to a fan right now, I’ll let you know when we move!” What a gent! Since then until now, I have been and will always be a big time ODLH fan!



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