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Johnathan’s Canelo v GGG Takes

Now that Canelo/Triple GGG is in the books, I feel like I don’t even have to write a blog on it, just refer to my pre-fight prediction and you pretty much have the fight in a nutshell.

First off, in regards to the fight I want to say, that I’m totally fine with the decision, and furthermore, all the judges scoring. Here’s what I scored the fight: 116-112. 8 rounds to 4, in favor of GGG. I could say i feel wholeheartedly that Canelo won the 2nd round and that’s it, everything else could have gone either way even the 12th. Canelo had a cute flurry in the beginning of the 11th and 12th but that was nullified both times by a (according to RJJ) “NINE” punch combo by GGG later in the 11th, and again in the 12th later in the round.

Chocolatito Tonight!!

Even if the first fight was a robbery in the majority’s eyes, it was a helluva matchup and I can’t wait to see the sequel tonight! Chocolatito will get his belt back tonight on HBO!!

…Sorry, I should be more objective. It should be a great match up tonight. May the best man win!


Johnathan’s Favorite 5 Boxers, All-Time

So Don had the great idea of sharing who our favorite boxers are of all-time. So here it is, Johnathan’s Fav 5! Before we get started, let me just say these are my 5 favorite boxers! Not who i think the best boxers are, so before you start screaming “Ali is the greatest”, don’t. But then again, Ali wouldn’t even be on my top 5 greatest boxers list either. There are so many boxers that i really admire, but let’s try this anyways.

Here we go! Continue reading