The Tale Of The Tape – Mayweather vs. McGregor

This will be my first blog, so please bear with me. I’m just a boxing fan; I have been since about 93 when De La Hoya TKO’d Mayweather (obviously not that Mayweather) when I was about 8 years old. I love boxing, I cant say it was bonding time for my dad and I because we enjoyed a lot of things together, boxing was definitely one of them, a big one of them. My first blog maybe my last because I’m about to offend a lot of people but I don’t care. I want to; I want to offend the degenerate boxing fans the trolls of the sport before I even get started because tbh that’s part of the reason why I’m doing this blog in the first place! I call this the tale of the tape…

Just 2 days ago, we had an unusual event take place. We had a UFC star in Conor McGregor fight a legend of the sport of boxing FMJ. This tale begins a long time ago back when Mayweather would sport aBärenbeisser logo on his trucks. Now, from there a lot can be said, MMA took off and Dana White grabbed some coat tails, shaved his head and hit it big with the UFC. Fastforward 20 years: the balded wonder found another chance of making big money off the Mayweather name, with his then biggest star Ronda Rousey, and like a weasel says she would beat Floyd down in a street fight. When Mayweather at the time didn’t know who she was, Dana White caught wind of it, pounced and turned it into a promo. listen, Mayweather doesn’t pretend to not know people hes the opposite, he pretends to know you. I met “PrettyBoy” once. I introduced myself and he said, “I know who you are.” Maybe as in. “You’re a nobody that’s who you are”, but look, he wouldn’t pretend not to know you.

Now that that is done and dusted, let move forward amicably. Ronda gets her teeth kicked in by Boxing great Holly Holm. End promo. No more talks of a Floyd/Ronda crossover fight. Now, Floyd retires, Conor fights a man 3 times his size, gets Stockton slapped and choked out. But his big mouth keeps him viable in the brute sport. Conor has 50 excuses for why he lost. But the truth is, Diaz came off a beach with less than a weeks notice to cut weight from being a “fat boy on the beach of cabo”and beat him. Conor then gets his rematch around 160 (forgive me if I don’t know much on the matter, I’m not that into UFC) gets the decision. Cuts weight from there to win his 145 title and makes very short work of Aldo, one punch knockout power. I will circle back to this shortly. Dana, the business man with his now profound star of the UFC, sees an opening. “I will FOOK him up!” Was the first words i heard myself from McGregor talking about FMJ. I can pull thousands of Conor sound bites (tapes), all of which mind you are of McGregor “fooking” up FMJ in the boxing ring. This is 2 prong, because for one the money wouldn’t generate the same draw from MMA as it would in boxing. Fans would follow McGregor anywhere, fans don’t follow FMJ outside of boxing. And 2ndYou can’t pound your chest that hard and ask for it to take place at your house. FMJ never asked for this in boxing or MMA but at the same time Mayweather couldn’t say no! He’s a man, he’s got pride in his craft just like anyone else and he’ll die defending it. This fight wasn’t about Conor, it wasn’t about Floyd, it was Dana White wanting FMJ to fight one of his fighters so badly he would do anything to get it, this was about a bone that was picked 21 years in the making by dana white. Had FMJ refused to fight Dana White would run FMJ’s reputation down until it would be destroyed in the medias and fans eyes! So fight’s on! Let’s size these guys up.

Look, I’m a true 5’7 and ½”, God honest truth. When I met Floyd, he is not a big guy, he’s a presence, but he’s tiny. I could have sworn he was not a millimeter over 5’6″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 135 pounds… Muscle weighs more than fat? Maybe, tiny guy nonetheless. Never met McGregor, but he doesn’t look that big other than his enormously large head, I have never seen the guy stand next to another person and the other persons head be bigger, it is impossibly large. who wants to see a blog purely on McGregor’s head? Anyways, weight was an “issue” for McGregor, he’s a heavy dude, built that way, but in his words he’s “a fooking professional, (he’ll) make the weight”, he always has, I had no doubt that he was going to. There were reports out that he was still sitting at over 165 a week from the fight and he didn’t deny any of the reports, but got defensive at one point. If he says he’s 5’9″ im assuming he’s a solid 5’8″ and he walks at 175, and if hes actually 5’9″, I wouldn’t be surprised. Mike Tyson is 5’9″ (listed at 5’10”), stocky af, thick af. Imagine Mike whaling on cruiserweights or light heavyweights. Men would be killed!

Let’s get back to the tale. McGregor said he was the god of boxing, he was going to knock FMJ out inside of two rounds, should take one but would say two just to be safe. This “old little man”, 2 rounds. He wasn’t mincing words, nor did anything on paper say otherwise. Himself, his fans, Dana White, none of them get a pass on this, there is no: “well, I did say if McGregor makes it past round 7 without getting knocked out he proved he belongs”. No, you didn’t, no one said that, not one person even eluded to that. I was convinced that McGregor had a shot my damn self, because of all of the hype, knocked out Aldo in one punch remember?! Keep playing that tape! Let’s go to Mayweather’s tale. Got lucky enough to get up to 149, wore his Airmax 1992 Nike pumps to get to 5’7″ supposed 72″ reach (lol), 40 years old, two year lay off. Hadn’t knocked anyone out in over a decade, hand problems since Zab Judah…. Turned out the lights on the biggest name in the MMA in 10 rounds. McGregor was concussed, no doubt in my mind. He was concussed on the 4th to last punch before it was stopped. he was speaking that Pikey language form the movie snatch in his first post fight interview. We can do a post fight blog, so I’ll leave that alone for now, that was an interesting affair to me and I would like to talk about it in depth at some point.

But I do want to touch on one post fight statement. which was “I felt like i lost a match, not the fight”. Good point, you did buddy. You got that absolutely right! People can twist that into what they want but that’s exactly what he did he lost the match, the game, the sport. Because boxing is a sport; it’s a craft, it takes dedication, and dissecting tape, IQ, it takes speed and stamina. It’s not I’m going to I’m going to be louder and hit you harder, boxing isn’t Nat Geo Wild, where the lions roar and bite and hope they get to pound the pride afterwards because they are the younger stronger stud. Boxing is a gentleman’s sport. McGregor may wear a three piece suit, but he’s no gentleman, he’s loud and loud is primitive. Read a book on ancient warriors battle cries I’ve heard some say, guess what, that’s not how it’s done today, today’s warriors are silent and precise, stealth and smart, in and out. If McGregor is Sparta, then Floyd is a highly decorated Navy Seal. McGregor is a journeyman at best in the boxing world, with a 11-22 record, and a reputation for a big mouth. Dana White and McGregor need to stay where they belong, in a cage.


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